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Parental Guide To Vaping Devices

Many teenagers get involved in smoking in peer pressure. They might think that it is just a “puff”, but it turns into an addiction in no time. Parents get seriously concerned and try everything to eliminate this habit from their child’s life. Vaping is an option that can be considered to quit smoking. E-liquids are used for vaping which produce vapor giving the feel of smoking. Vape juice comes in a wide range of flavors and you can click here to get your desired ones. These flavored e-liquids make the experience of vaping and quitting smoking more easy and interesting.

Like other electronic devices, vape devices are divided in three generations. Depending on your requirements, you can choose any of them that would be suitable for your teenage child.

The categories                                                                  

First generation – It contains e-cigarettes, cig-a-likes and minis. They are best for those who have just switched to vaping from smoking. They look similar to actual cigarettes, are quite cheap, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money and can try different flavors to check which they like the most. E-cigs are generally disposable or come with a rechargeable battery. The batteries depend on the size of the device; large devices use batteries that can last for a day, whereas smaller devices need to recharge them every few hours. The devices might produce light when the vaper takes a puff.

Second generation – This generation comprises of e-hookas and vape pens. They differ on many grounds like size, design, material, features etc. They are more attractive in their designs and do not look like a cigarette. They appear more like a slim pen. Varying in disposable and non-disposable forms, the non-disposable ones have a rechargeable battery. They can be used more than once and can be filled with e-liquid. So, you can try different types of flavors withease. These are just a step up towards more advanced vaping.

Third generation – They are further divided into 3 devices-

  • Mechanical Modified Nicotine Delivery System (MODs) and vape MODs – They are large in size and vary in shapes. They have replaceable batteries and come with increased battery capacity. They are customized devices which you can set as per your requirements; like the amount of heat needed for vaporization, lock and unlock the device when you are using/not using the device. They provide more nicotine content than previous devices.
  • Electronic hookah – This hookah is heated when electric power is received by it. These are more advanced than the second gen e-hookahs. They are safe because of the advanced technology used for vapor generation. It is more eco-friendly and does not affect the health of the vaper.
  • USB drive device – They look more like a USB flash drive and have a very sleek and elegant design that can be stored at a small place too. Sold in the name of ‘pods’, they vary in flavors, having nicotine and atomizer attached to the device. It has a rechargeable built-in battery which can be charged using a USB charger and a laptop as well.

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