In Summer 2012, Dari Project coordinators headed to Arlington, VA for NQAPIA 2012: Presence, Power, Progress to speak and facilitate various workshops.

Pride Starts at Home: Building Support and Visibility for API Families with LGBTQ Children
Coming out is a process. For many of us in the API community, coming out to our families is a hurdle that seems insurmountable, even for those that have been “out” in public for years. From our own experiences, we know that API immigrant families often do not have the tools to understand queerness and end up alienating or even rejecting their LGBTQ children; and for those families who have embraced their LGBTQ children, they often face discrimination and isolation from the API community. Collectively led by many concerned & passionate LGBT community members and activists who believe in our strength for social change, The Asian Pride Project (APP) aims to build supportive communities and brings individuals and families together for support, community & multilingual accessibility using multimedia outlets such as videos, audio, art and writing. The APP is currently a joint project by NYC QAPI organizations (Q-WAVE, GAPIMNY & SALGA) and it is seeking to expand our partnership with other QAPI organizations and allies nationwide. This is a workshop where we will share our strategies for fostering greater visibility and community support for API families with LGBTQ children. We will also discuss the importance of strategic alliances in our development of the Asian Pride Project, explore ways that individuals and organizations can work with the Project, and demonstrate the online tools that all of us can use to provide resources for families with LGBTQ children.

Presenter – Elena Chang

Combating Harassment, Bullying, and Violence in LGBT AAPI Communities
During this panel, speakers will discuss how to combat school bullying, bias-based harassment, hate violence, and other forms of violence facing LGBTQ AAPIs through education and outreach, organizing, awareness, and advocacy campaigns, and the legal system. Topics will include: Overview of hate violence against LGBTQ people in the United States, AAPI data disparities and model tools for Queer AAPI organizations to implement anti-violence organizing and awareness campaigns in their own communities.

Presenter – Mark Ro Beyersdorf

The Dari Project: Creating Bilingual Resources for LGBTQ Koreans and their Families
The Dari Project is an all-volunteer, grassroots effort that develops resources to increase awareness and acceptance in Korean American communities of LGBTQ people of Korean descent. Founded in 2007, the Dari Project has collected personal testimonials and art documenting the experiences of LGBTQ Korean Americans and their families to publish as a bilingual English/Korean print resource as well as online. During this panel, Dari Project Coordinators will discuss the process of creating bilingual resources for the Korean community from concept to product. We’ll discuss all aspects of creating such resources from conducting a call for submissions to finding a publisher and the challenges of operating as an all-volunteer organization.

Presenters – Mark Ro Beyersdorf, Elena Chang, Unjung Lim

Out to Succeed: AAPI LGBT Education Issues
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders face a unique set of circumstances and challenges in school because of any number of issues, including the “model minority myth,” bullying, and relevant policy/curriculum. For those of us who are also LGBTQ, an additional set of circumstances affect our ability to be safe and to succeed in school. This session will discuss a range of policies and programs in our communities from groundbreaking scholarship programs for queer AAPI students to advocates standing strong against bullying.

Presenters – Mark Ro Beyersdorf

Korean Caucus

Facilitator – Mark Ro Beyersdorf, Elena Chang