Dari Project at Korean American Students Conference 2013 (KASCON)

Dari Project Coordinators have been invited to KASCON 2013 as speakers to lead an IDENTITIES LGBTQ forum and lead a VISIONS workshop in March 2013.

VISIONS What can we do to create change at a global and local level? Who are we (Who am I?), and where do each of us belong in this envisioning of the future? An exploration of visions, goals, and hopes, diverse and sometimes disparate, and the bigger picture they create of a living, evolving community.

IDENTITIES Where does the concept of a “community” fit into our conceptions of ourselves? How are we created and/or influenced by the identities that are pre-produced for us, and how do we build our own?

Facilitators: Mark Ro Beyersdorf, Rej