Dari Project at East Coast Asian American Student Union 2013 (ECAASU)

“Pride Starts at Home: Building Support and Visibility for AAPI Families and LGBTQ Children”

For many of us in the AAPI community, coming out to our families is a hurdle that seems insurmountable, even for those who have been “out” in public for years. From our own experiences, we know that AAPI families often don’t have the tools to understand queerness and end up alienating or  rejecting their LGBTQ children; and families who embrace their LGBTQ children often face discrimination and isolation from the AAPI community. Led by AAPI LGBTQ activists, this workshop will provide tools for building inclusive communities and bringing LGBTQ AAPI individuals and their families together for support and community. We will share our strategies for fostering greater visibility and community support for AAPI families with LGBTQ children and explore ways that individuals and organizations can work with the Asian Pride Project, the Dari Project and API PFLAG-NYC to develop resource and support systems for AAPI families with LGBTQ children.

Facilitators: Mark Ro Beyersdorf (Dari Project), Dennis Chin (Asian Pride Project), Clara Yoon (API-PFLAG NYC)