Sing in the Lunar New Year at a Koreatown Noraebang Party & Fundraiser for the Dari Project! Drink with LGBT Koreans, share your new year’s resolutions and show off your talents on the microphone. Or, just come and hang out.

What’s Dari Project’s new year’s resolution? To collect and publish stories about LGBT Korean experiences, including coming out and finding acceptance with parents, family and faith communities. This bilingual publication will be the first of its kind in our community!

Red Bar & Lounge
51 West 35th Street, 2nd Floor (btwn. Broadway & 5th Ave)
Koreatown/Manhattan, New York

“It’s important that we’re here tonight also because this is the second publicly LGBT event in Koreatown in over 10 years. The first event was in 1997 after a brutal gaybashing that occurred, and after that activists organized a community forum to raise awareness…

But in the 10 years since that happened, has Koreatown changed at all? Do we feel safer? Are we comfortable being who we are, can we stop hiding in our communities? In many ways, the answer is no, Koreatown hasn’t changed…

The work that Dari Project is doing is part of this change. Doing public gay events like this, all of you being in this room with us are part of that change. We’re building a future where Koreatown has respect and safety for everyone in our community, including LGBT Koreans.”

—Excerpt from Dari Project’s remarks at event