Course 1 Honey Raisin Challah Bread – Mordechai

Course 2 Exotic Spiced Soup with Cubed Fruit – Tristan

Course 3 Grapefruit Granita in Hibiscus Sauce – Tristan

Course 4 Pate a Choux w/ Neapolitan Sauces – Eigil

Course 5 Pair of Cookies – David (Milk & Cookies)

Course 6 Cucumber Water – Tristan

The Chefs

David Cline was born and raised in Virginia. His grandmother is a great influence on his passion for baking, and living on a farm with the freshest ingredients around boosted his love for food. This passion took him North to New York City to study in the French Culinary Institute, where he learned many great techniques and ate many pastries. He currently lives in Brooklyn and works at Milk and Cookies Bakery.

Eigil J. Pantaleon is a nouveau pastry chef specializing in bold flavors, featuring modern european inspired desserts and pastries. Aspires to start small business in catering and hopefully a trendy dessert restaurant here in the city.

Tristan Vizconde worked many years in APICHA: Asian & Pacific Islander Coaliltion on HIV/AIDS because of his commitment to inform and provide information about the epidemic to people. He then decided to pursue another passion: Joy through pastries. This love of baking started when he first tasted his grandmother’s Leche Flan, a traditional Filipino dessert. Now he is on a mission to marry both aspects of his life where food is a tool that can create change.

Mordechai Laub grew up in Queens, with a Jewish Orthodox background. He’s number 5 of 6 in my family, and every week we have something called the sabbath. This is when they basically pray, eat and sleep. They have 2 meals in which we have a ton of food make, and he was always in charge of the baking. That’s where he picked it up and decided to go to school to pursue a career in it. He loves to bake and plans on growing more in this field.